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< Why buy food in season ?

Why buy food in season ?

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OUR SEASONS are the essence of what makes living in the "Garden of England' such a joy.

Who hasn't relished the first fresh asparagus, courgette or tomato at the beginning of a new season, or the first succulent cherry, strawberry or raspberry.?


In Season

Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than out-of season food that has been "force grown'.

Seasonal food means seeds germinate in the soil at the right time, so plants are naturally stronger and more resistant to disease and results in better quality fruit & veg.

Local seasonal food guarantees a shorter time from field-to-kitchen helping you to maximise the nutritional benefit of your "five-a-day' for you and the family.

In season fruit and veg ripens on the plant, which means it contains more nutrients and has a better flavour than food that is harvested early and ripened artificially out-of-season.


Out-of-season force grown' fruit & veg is produced in artificial conditions. They require more fertilisers and can result in watery, flavourless produce.

Out-of-season fruit & veg is often flown long distances from around the world, increasing the damage to the environment.

Out-of-Season Fruit & veg begins to loose its taste and nutritional value the moment it is picked. They may have been picked six or more weeks before you buy them from a supermarket

Get into fresh, tasty, local fruit & veg for the long-haul, rather than flying your fruit & veg long-haul around the globe !


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