Wild Spirits of Kent


Gillian Ford & Louise Newland

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The Green

ME14 4ED


Our inspiration came from spending time in the great outdoors and noticing during our long dog walks how much the hedgerows were heaving with wild fruits and berries. We both developed a passion for foraging and began to make jams, chutneys and even a flu remedy for our own families. This progressed into making sloe gin and developed from there. We feel very lucky as we both love being outside and really enjoy spotting all the wildlife we come across. Our husbands also feel equally as lucky as they have appointed themselves chief tasters.


Every season we gather our bounty of fruits, berries and even leaves to turn into delicious liqueurs and flavoured spirits. As with all natural products there may be a small amount of sediment at the bottom. All the colour you see and the flavour you taste is naturally there from the plants used in the process. Hedgerow and cottage plants were traditionally preserved for their medicinal properties to last through Winter by steeping them in alcohols. Later they were made more palatable and drunk not only for "medicinal purposes" but also for pleasure. We love replicating these old recipes.

We prefer drinking them after dinner, with cheese, as a night cap, in front of the fire, with friends, at a dinner party, drizzled on ice cream, soaked into sponge cake, as a Christmas welcome drink, as a base for a cocktail, on the rocks, with a mixer, with coffee.........!