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About Silverhand Estate

We have recently established the largest single organic vineyard in the UK, covering an area of more than 500acres, spanning the beautiful countryside in the heart of Kent. 


Our organic farming methods are a sustainable and healthy approach to agriculture that prioritises the health of the soil, the environment, and those who enjoy our wine. 
Livestock are incorporated into our organic farm providing benefits such as grazing, fertilisation, and pest control. Our sheep consist of, rare and local breed, Jacobs and, Kentish breed, Romneys. They graze between the vines ensuring optimal length for harvest and bud burst, whilst also helping the health of the soil.

Product Description

MDCV UK has a vision to bring the finest English and Provenšal wines to the UK market. We have a long history of producing award-winning Provence rosÚ and English Sparkling Wines, and with an extensive infrastructure, both in France and the UK we are able to harness the finest talent in all areas of our business, to deliver exceptional products to the UK market. 
We are fortunate to share the same chalky flint soils (Kimmeridge clay) of the Champagne region making our terroir perfect for growing the key grape varieties used in premium sparkling wine production: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier. 

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