Precious Porkers


Zoe Allcorn & Gary Allcorn




The British landscape has been devastated by intensive farming of cereals and other non-food crops and the quality of our meat is being ruined by intensive rearing methods. The customers' willingness to buy cheap meat with no consideration of how it is produced is driving this supermarket culture. We need an alternative to this supermarket food and our solution is to make the move back to locally produced food.

We are certainly not vegetarian. We don�t object to eating meat, we simply want our meat to come from animals that have been well treated during their life and allowed to grow in the open air. We also want our food to be as local as possible in order to reduce our carbon footprint. It may cost a little more but we know that the animals have been treated well and the resulting meat will be outstanding in comparison with factory farmed meat.


We are looking to produce the highest quality meat. The Berkshire breed grows more slowly and produces a better quality meat. We currently have 5 breeding sows and a boar. 

The Berkshire originated in the Thames Valley. Although primarily black in colour, the Berkshire carcass dresses out completely white, and has a high proportion of lean meat to fat. The flesh is fine in texture, and has a distinct flavour.