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Paula Corse., Maidstone, ME16 0NZ
| 07964 699316 Email >

About Paula's Handmade Soaps

Most of my soaps are scented with essential oils, but I also make unperfumed soaps for people with perfume allergies. My products are vegan, cruelty free & have been certified by an approved chemist.


My soaps are made by the 'cold process method' which means the ingredients are not heated, which allows them to conserve their beneficial and natural properties. This type of soap is less aggressive because of the surgras present which enables the skin to retain its hydrolipidic film after having been washed, which gives it extra hydration and protection  
Cold process soap results in a harder, longer-lasting bar of soap compared to commercial soap. Not only is this more economical, but it also means you'll be producing less waste by using less soap over time. 

Product Description

All my soaps are good for exfoliation and have the beneficial effects of all the minerals found in sea salt.  Lather up and rub directly onto your skin to feel all the tiny salt crystals providing a spa style scrub. 
- Facial Bars in charcoal and tea tree (perfect for normal to greasy skin) and natural oat (for normal to dry/sensitive skin),  
- Shampoo bars (ideal for reducing plastic bottles in the bathroom !). Can also be used as body soap 
- Salt bars (slightly harder texture, with coconut oil, avocado oil and finely ground pink Himalayan sea salt) 
- Bath bombs (delicately fragranced with essential oils and wrapped in tissue paper ( incorporates :- Epsom salts, sweet almond oil and kaolin clay to make the water and your skin silky soft 
- Natural soy wax melts (wonderful fragrances to gently scent your room, packaged in a beautiful organza bag.) 
During the year I make seasonal products that are ideal for gifts.  
- Wicker heart shaped gift basket that can be filled with various items,  
- Gift bags of three small heart soaps, salt bar and foot scrub gift bags  
- Ceramic burners and soap dishes that can be bought on their own or with accompanying soaps or wax melts.   
Please feel free to contact me with regarding my products and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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