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Sat 20/08/2022
New market openingMORE

Sat 20/08/2022
Hadlow Rural Community School

Market Managers

Managing your web page

Log in to enter the Web Admin system which enables you to amend your market web page and to display the following reports:
  • Stallholder insurance information
  • Stallholder Hygiene information
  • Stallholders looking for markets 
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Covid19 and re-opening your Market

Based on experiences of other Managers who have already opened their markets, we have put together a series of procedures and ideas which we think may help you to re-open your market safely.

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Market Managers Toolkit

Successful markets need a successful management organisation backed by clear rules to make sure that the shoppers know whatís on offer, have confidence in what they might be buying and that stallholders understand their responsibilities to contribute to a thriving market.

The information we have developed is to give you an idea of what we believe is required to set up a Farmers' Market and how to make a successful start and maintain a quality contribution to your local community.

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Marketing your Market

Attracting enough customers to your market is crucial to its success. Itís is all about the external marketing that you do Ė how you tell people about your market, where it is and when it runs.

There are lots of things you can do. The challenge is choosing the things that have the biggest impact and are most cost effective.

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Setting up a new Market

This section gives you an idea as to what you need to do to set up a new market. We have developed a short questionnaire (click here) which will help you make your mind whether to continue in your quest and also to help us to answer any questions. Click
on Read More for more detailed information.

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Market Insurance

It is essential you, as the Market Manager, ensure that your market has comprehensive market insurance otherwise you could be held personally liable for damages etc. We have developed a comprehensive Market insurance package with our Agent which incorporates Public liability (£10M) Product liability (£10M) and Employees liability (£10M) insurance as well as many prcatical covers. (Note: volunteers who help you set up the market etc are classified as employees and you are legally required to have Employees insurance). The cost of the insurance package is just over £90 per annum (please check each year).

If you are covered by an external organisation's insurance (e.g.a Village Hall) MAKE SURE they write to you explaining what you are covered for and the amount ( i.e. not only inside the Village Hall, but outside and anywhere else if you have signs on the highway etc)

Finding stallholders

It is always best to have a look round at other markets before rushing to take on stallholders. Once you have agreed a contract with a stallholder it is very difficult to replace him/her so it pays to spend time investigating first. Check the quality of produce, how the stallholder sets up their stall and their relationship to customers. The Association maintains a list of stallholders who are looking to expand their business for new markets which is available to all members.

Supplier Catalogue

We are building up a Suppliers Catalogue of products you may want for both markets and stalls. Managers and
Stallholder Members will also benefit from any discounts we can obtain.

  • Click HERE to view the Suppliers Catalogue.
  • Click  HERE to receive a Member's Promotional Code (available to all Managers and Stallholder Members).

you know of a supplier who could be useful to members but is not
already on the list, please let us know and we will get in touch.

Sending Queries to the Association

always welcome comments and suggestions on the Associationís activities.  Please go to Contact Us and we will ensure your email is sent to the Board member responsible
for the issue.

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