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Will Edge

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Greensand Ridge Distillery is just outside the village of Shipbourne. The Greensand Ridge is a line of hills which surrounds the Weald of Kent and Sussex and it is from here where we source our ingredients and capture flavours. The fields, orchards, nutteries and hedgerows. 

The ridge shares its profile with another escarpment in Shropshire, Wenlock Edge. It was on those hills that generations of my forefathers lived, and from where we got our family name, Edge. 


We're a carbon-neutral micro-distillery on a mission to develop breath-taking spirits the slow way. We make Gins, Fruit Brandies and Rums, an unusual set of spirits, but ones we can make from surplus produce or by-products, while also echoing the flavours of the lands around us.

The intimate distillery experience :- enjoy a cocktail while you tour the distillery. Learn about the art of distilling and the different gin botanicals and how they are combined, and then you'll distill your own full bottle of gin on an individual copper pot still, selecting from our range of over 40 botanicals. Click here to find out more