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Clare Holton. Little Brissenden Road , East Sutton Road, ME17 3DU
01622 902006 | 07795 682077 Email > Website >

About Brissenden Vineyard

The adventure began in 2017 when we found our perfect field: Brissenden’s seven acres of established vines. 
Our idyllic vineyard is well-established, and features wide avenues and aisles which are the perfect spot for a picnic or to enjoy our wines at the end of a tour.  


We believe English Sparkling Wine has a bright future, and that it is vineyards in the southeast which are at the forefront of this exciting adventure. 
Brissenden is particularly special in that our wines are produced from our own grapes, which never leave the site during the process.

Product Description

Our eldest vines are now 30 years old, and include Pinot Noir, Bacchus and Reichensteiner. More recently, we have added some Chardonnay to the mix. We’re proud of the fact that our grapes go from grapevine to bottle without leaving Brissenden.  
Each year, we keep a selection of our grapes to make into wine, which is produced at Brissenden by our winemaker Kobus Louw. 
We pick our Pinot Noir grapes when the balance of sugars and acidity is perfect for our Brut Sparkling Wine. 
After the harvesting, a delicious, quality wine is ensured by making it from the first pressings and letting it sit for at least two years on the lees. As with much of the vineyard work, the processes within the winery are done by hand. 
Its admirers swear by our crisp, dry Bacchus’ elderflower notes. We also have a number of other wine offerings, as well as producing a fine sparkling cider.

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