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Bessborough Farm

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Situated in the picturesque village of Hernhill deep in the heart of the garden of England, Bessborough farm is a small traditional family Fruit Farm. 

Historically we supplied local greengrocers and farm shops 6 days a week. At one point having 7 customers in Whitstable and Tankerton alone.

With the onslaught of the Supermarket and the demise of the High Street greengrocer we had to look elsewhere. Early in 2000 we started attending Farmers markets across the South East with great success. Our claim to fame is selling more than a tonne of apples and pears in a single morning. There is nothing more satisfying than working hard to produce quality fruit which is on the tree one day and safely in a customersí fridge the next morning. 


We grow an exciting and unusual range of Varieties of Apples, Plums, Pears and Cherries along with some berries and currants and in some instances we are singlehandedly keeping alive varieties that would otherwise be long gone. Prime land, young trees and a new cold store means we can supply superb quality the whole year round.

The fruit stays chilled until the very morning of our markets so no hanging about in a warm supermarket for our fruit. We maintain food hygiene from tree to shopping bag and discourage anyone else from handling the produce.

Jam and Chutneys are an ideal way of ensuring that none of our lovely produce goes to waste. Crammed full of fruit we strive to make them as natural as possible with no preservatives. These continue to be very popular in a world full of additives!

An exciting developments has been our new summer treats; home baked Scones with handmade Jam and clotted cream topped with fresh fruit and summer trifles using our own berries

Also new is a range of farm baked crumbles. Prepared and cooked on site they come in a great assortment of flavours from a simple plum to a Christmas apple and mincemeat.

These new products have opened up many doors to summer fetes, festivals and events as well as creating interest from pubs and restaurants

We aim to supply fruit which is fresh, tastier and cheaper than the supermarket and intend to continue