The Chocolate Hut


Nicola Byrne



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The Chocolate Hut is a place where all chocolatey dreams can come true; where white, milk and dark, fruit, nuts and sweets collide in a romantic, sweet-toothed heaven.

We can provide for all your chocolate needs, with a wide array of truffles, chocolates and sweets to satisfy any craving. From white chocolate coconut truffles to divine little cherries coated in chocolate, there's a little bite to suit every mood.



Our Truffles are hand rolled and hand decorated. We don't aim to make them into exact, smooth balls, we aim to make them irresistibly 'melt-in-the-mouth' good. Imperfect perfection.

We make dark, milk and white chocolate Truffles in different flavours and with various coatings.

Our Treats range captures the spirit of childhood with hand decorated peppermint, coffee and chocolate creams and sweet little chocolate shapes.

We blend chocolate with some secret ingredients to create a mouth watering encasement to be filled with a variety of fruity and nutty goodness.

Our Pebbles range consists of little balls of magic - cherries, raisins, nuts, all swirled and covered in milk, dark or white chocolate.

Treat yourself to a handful or two, flick on a good film and put your feet up. Perfection.