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Shiitaki mushrooms
Fresh mushrooms and products
Fresh mushrooms and products
Fresh mushrooms and products
Piopini mushrooms


Ian and Carol Rosie run I C Mushrooms. Based in Maidstone we sell mushroom growing kits, and kitchen ready mushrooms to cook and enjoy. Together, they grow gourmet Oyster Mushrooms for home cooks, foodies, vegetarians and vegans alike. In fact for anyone who enjoys a quality gourmet mushroom.


IC Mushrooms are an all vegan snack and meal range brand with an innovative and exciting approach to how we cook and eat mushrooms, they produce tasty Crisps, Jerky, Burgers, Pate, Risotto and Ramen meal kits. The mushrooms grown are :-

Pioppini, the unique robust flavour of the Velvet Pioppini is widely used in Southern Europe and Asia. Also known as the Black Poplar Mushroom, it has magnificent brown caps on long cream coloured stems. The intense forest flavour makes it a natural for pasta, vegetarian and meat dishes. The caps are a variety of browns with a soft silky texture. The creamy stems have a texture similar to asparagus, they are excellent on there own. Famously used in Pasta con fungi.

Shiitake:- the most widely known of the oriental mushrooms beautiful when fresh, but drying concentrates their flavour. They have a firm texture with a bite that becomes slippery when cooked.

Grey and Pink Oyster Mushrooms

NEW Risotto and Ramen meal kits, that come with the recipe and full instructions.

Mushroom pate a nutty pate with a hint of rosemary.